Offline Setup/access

I have been using my Rachio for close to a year. I want to add a second one for a rental property. The issue is that I will need to set it up prior to renters moving in and there is no internet access available at the site since no one has moved in yet. It would be a great feature to have the Rachio have a built in web browser and server to create a local network to setup individual stations that don’t initially rely on internet access. Once the renters move in and internet access is available, it can then be switched over to that appropriately. As another option, it would be nice to be able to add a wireless 3G/4G cell chip to allow for internet access in these type of situations.

Has this ever been discussed?

@bigbiggreendog Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the input, we’ve discussed this and have some ideas around how to do this :wink:

We’ve discussed this, and I can definitely envision this happening one day.


A work around solution would be to set up your phone as a hot spot an use an iPad or other device to program the Rachio.

@bigbiggreendog, just curious, do you know how long the house will be without internet? Perhaps you could piggy back on a neighbors WiFi until then? :wink:

Best, Emil

This appears to be the appropriate solution:

Direct Access

Direct Access is a feature designed for Rachio professional partners. This feature should only be activated if you are an irrigation or building professional trying to connect or configure a new controller without Wi-Fi.