Offline- can’t water grass several days

Apparently been offline several days- I went to run additional watering today and see hasn’t been run in a while, no notifications.

Have unplugged, tried resetting WiFi, I think I did factory reset - removed and tried re adding controller.

How to resolve AsAP?
Any way to manually run the water so my grass doesn’t burn?

If you are in a pinch then you can always start your sprinklers using the actual valves if the Rachio isn’t connecting for some reason.

I didn’t know that. How? Thanks.

You can manually turn on most valves by turning the solenoid 1/4 turn counterclockwise. Some have a bleeder valve that you can turn. We can tell you for sure if you post the brand and model (or look up the info)

Thank you. They are Irritrol 205. Thankfully I don’t need the manual functionality at the moment, but it would be good to know for an emergency like OP has.

Awesome. Not sure if you checked for it, but, in case you did not, I found the valve at Irritrol | 205-series and their first video, 205 Series Valves - YouTube, points to the small black knob on the other side from the solenoid, indicating “manual external bleed for manual operation”.

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How does one do that?

Depending on the valve, with turning the solenoid or bleed valve

Depends on your actual valves but there is generally either a little plastic screw that may have what looks like little gears or a round thing with the connecting wires coming out of it that you twist just a 1/4 turn or so.

Post a picture of one of your valves (or each if they are all different) and I can point it out.