Off Line


I installed the Gen 2 at my house 2 days ago and at my neighbors house yesterday. We are on Verizon Fios. Both of us showed that our Gen 2’s were off line this morning. Any ideas on why? Also will it continue to water when off line I didn’t pay attention?




If you see that behavior again just let us know and would be glad to have the team do some checking for you.

If offline, the controller will run all of your pre-programmed schedules as it would online. Also, if it is offline for 24 hours you will get an email notification just in case to let you know it is not currently online.

The reconnect logic is pretty solid at the moment, and I know in the next week or so we will be releasing a firmware patch from our WiFi vendor that should help with even more edge cases.

Hope this helps, thanks for being part of our community, and have a great day.



So to close this thread out, we did some more validation and it looks like a daylight savings patch might have inadvertently made a few units go offline. Yours might have been one of those. Just let us know if you have any other issues and we’d be glad to follow up.

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@rwilabee, any tips for getting your Gen2 to connect to your Verizon Fios? We’ve had a few inquiries over the weekend from other users that cannot connect. I was curious if you made any settings changes that allowed you to connect – or if it worked on first try?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks, Emil


I installed mine and my neighbor’s. Went from Gen 1 for me and a New Gen 2 for her. We have different routers. Mine has 2.4 and 5.8 and her’s just 2.4. They are both routers provided by Fios. On install of the Gen 2’s we put in the passwords for the 2.4 and bingo the Gen 2’s connected right away. When they went off line the other day by just unplugging and re-plugging in the Gen 2’s they came right back on line.



Thanks for confirming @rwilabee :smile: