Odd water schedule behavior

So I recently installed my controller and set up a few watering schedules. My main schedule includes all of my grass areas which presently consists of 7 zones and uses a flexible daily schedule. For some reason the 6th zone is always separated out into its own day, but only ever this zone. Why is my controller being so specific and not letting that zone just be grouped into the day with all of the other grass zones?

Different zone attributes will effect the et. Of my 8 zones, very few actually run together

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Are these grass zones that overlap eachother?

All of my zones actually have overlap but to my knowledge of looking in the app and on the web page there’s no way of telling the rachio how my zones are laid out or how many heads each zone contains.

No, different slope, different shade

I have 3 zones that all overlap, so I do my best to keep them on the same schedule (i.e. same shade, slope, moisture levels,etc). IMO for my situation, I would not want different zones to fire on different days because then each zone would not be getting the proper amount of water to reach the root depth, etc.

Same thing here. Ocassionally I have one zone run out of six (fescue zone in shady backyard). If nothing is suffering take a breath and have some faith in the technology of Rachio.