Odd/Even Interval Missing Days

I have a fairly simple setup. 8 zones, one schedule, FlexDaily, end before sunrise, smart cycle on, Start/End May 7-Oct 24, and an interval set to odd days. However, when I look at the calendar, weeks in the future, there is the occasional “odd day” not set to water. I figure since it’s so far out, it can’t be based on weather intelligence. For example, as of today (August 20), every odd day is filled until Sept 7, EXCEPT Sept 5. Additionally, August 13th was never scheduled. No idea why. Plus there’s nothing on the calendar at all after Sept 7.
I did dig through some old posts regarding missing days, but they were from 2016 and didn’t seem to be applicable.
Any idea why one day here and there is not scheduled to water?

Since it’s Flex Daily, take a look at your soil moisture level charts. That should give you the answer. Flex Daily will water when needed, not on a predictable schedule.

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Thanks for your reply. Where would I find these charts?

And so I understand, you’re saying that it’s normal for Rachio to plan to skip a day months in advance without possibly knowing the weather (heat, rain, etc.)?

Zones > select zone > soil moisture

I wouldn’t look past two weeks out. As I understand it, Rachio has the weather for two weeks and does try to setup a schedule based on that data. Additionally, every day at 00:00 the Flex Daily system will re-evaluate the moisture level for each zone and determine if it does in fact need to water (and can water) “today”.

Thanks very much! This is an incredibly knowledgable and quick-responding community!


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It’s true, Flex Daily only works out in advance about two weeks, based on weather temperature, rain chance, etc. After that, it still knows the average conditions during the day. And as Flex Daily waters the same amount every day that it waters, at some point, as the weather becomes cooler, it makes sense that it will estimate a skip, and eventually water just every 4 days instead of every 2, etc. Those are just estimates at this point, and will become more concrete as better weather estimates are available.

Good to know! I’m liking this product more and more as I learn from everyone here.


Are you on an odd day schedule because of water restrictions? If not, Flex Daily will work the best when you allow it to water any day during the week.

It is indeed due to water restrictions.

But you raise a good point: I can end this “odd day” schedule on the last day of August and create a new schedule for every day starting Sept 1, as that is when the restrictions lift. Thank you for chiming in! I wouldn’t have thought of this!