Odd days to exclude 31st

My town prohibits watering on the 31st for odd schedule, since it would allow watering on 2 consecutive days.(31st & 1st)
Would others like to see this provided as an option?

Dare I ask about February 29th?

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I vote we are to exclude Friday the 13th… just in case :wink:

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Not sure how many others have the same problem as you. A manual workaround would be to specify start and stop dates for your odd days schedule. If you create one schedule to run in April and May - ending on May 30, then a second duplicate schedule starting June 1, ending July 30, you can avoid watering on May 31st. Once May 31 has passed, you can change start dates on schedule for May to run Aug 1-30 to bypass Aug 31.

Not perfect, but a workaround you can set up in advance.

This won’t work for flex daily as a zone can only be in one flex daily schedule.

Would be nice if ifttt would have an option of selecting specific days of the month (like run every 31st…), so far the best ifttt.com can do is start a 1 day rain delay on the last day of the month. Alternative is to create an applet for every 31st …

I’m sure Rachio will come up with an official support some time, but meanwhile…

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I have a similar problem – I want to water every 4 (or N>2) days, but like many others I also have a city restriction to water only on the odd days because of my address.

So the problem is that the basic even or odd schedule always waters every 2 days and as we know it will water the adjacent odd days on both 2/29 or */31 and the following 1st which is not desirable. I am also using the workaround where I have my google calendar alert me every */31st so I can manually reset the schedule start date to the 1st. This is getting old…

So, I propose a simple rule-based schedule option that allows rules such as:

  1. Water every [N] days
  2. Restrict to [odd | even] days
  3. Skip on [*/31, 2/29, …]

If the rules disallow a given date, then the next date that meets the restriction rules is selected and the schedule proceeds from there. This way ad hoc manual schedule changes are eliminated and we comply with our city ordinances.

Example rules:

A) Water every 4 days and restrict to odd days and skip on */31, 2/29
Jul 27: water
Jul 31: skip
Aug 1: water
Aug 5: water
Aug 9: water

B) Water every 4 days and restrict to odd days
Jul 27: water
Jul 31: water
Aug 4: skip
Aug 5: water
Aug 9: water


I do use Flex Daily, since that’s supposed to be the “smartest/most economical” schedule and thus, according to you, this workaround won’t work for me.

Under schedule it has Odd or Even. Sounds like it would be a VERY simple update to add a 3rd option that says "Odd days excluding 31st and Feb 29"
Feb 29th is not a need for me, since I don’t water my lawn while getting a foot of snow, but I assume people in Florida/Cali may still water their lawn in February.