Odd day scheduling switching to even days on calendar

I set up a schedule for odd days only for the whole summer.
I then took a look at the June calendar and noticed June 30 was scheduled and all of July had the EVEN days scheduled instead of ODD days. ???
(By the way, from August to the end of the year are correct - only ODD days marked.)
For now I just selected June 29th for an end date until I can figure out what is pushing me out of odd days and into even days.
Any thoughts would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance

what is the start time for the cycle or system ??
could be the end by dawn if used…
I had to set mine to start at midnight to solve those issues

Hey @Glenvis ,

As @JS_racer is alluding to, your schedule might be starting or ending on the even days. You can verify this by going to the calendar where the watering event is showing (water drop icon), and tapping on it. This will show a breakdown of the schedule run with the start time and the total duration.

You can adjust the start or end time by going to the Irrigation tab > selecting Schedules at the top of the screen > Select the schedule > Select “Times”

I hope this helps!

Thanks for responding.
My schedule is set to finish by sunrise. It’s only 3.75 hours of runtime, so it starts after midnight on the appropriate days.
See attached for screenshots of the calendar showing June working correctly (except for the very last day of June), July switched to even days, and August now showing odd days again. Also screenshots of Schedule Settings - Times and Odd Days.
Not sure what is different about the last day of June or the whole month of July.

Hi Glenvis!

I was able to take a look at your account settings. It looks like your schedule actually starts between 12:48 and 12:53AM. It does look like the schedule runs through two calendar days at least sometimes. This can vary depending on what actual time sunrise is as you have an “End by Sunrise” run time. Including Smart Cycle times, the total runtime for the schedule is 4 hours and 28 minutes. During Winter months your schedule is more likely to start after midnight.

Screen Shot 2023-05-31 at 6.52.11 PM

There is something that I noticed which might indicate that you have a bug in your version of the app on your model phone. When I look at the month of June, I do not see any runs on the 30th as you captured in your screenshot. All of the runs are showing on odd days. Could you provide me with the make/model of your phone?


Being in Minnesota we don’t use the system during the winter - we have the system blown out in late October and re-instated in April.

I’m not following how you would determine the schedule runs through two calendar days - I don’t believe it ever started before midnight - always after. If you think the schedule is not correct or too long and might overlap days, would it make sense for me to switch to a standard start time of perhaps 1:00AM instead of End by Sunrise?

Regarding the photo below, after I sent the pics to you I changed the schedule to end on June 29 to eliminate the problem until I heard from you - you’ll note that there is nothing scheduled beyond June 29th. By the way, I have an iPhone 13.



I figure, by your silence, that this is a dead issue to Rachio.

Looking at the local sunrise schedule, the earliest sunrise time is 5:26 AM. It appears to me that my system runs for 4 hours and 28 minutes (including Cycle and Soak times). This would mean the schedule would start at 12:58 AM. I don’t believe my system would overlap two days to complete a run.

I give up!

I switched my schedule to start at 1:00 AM instead of depending on the system to complete by sunrise. With this change the July schedule cleared up and all run dates are now listed as the odd days, not the even days (ditto for the 30th of June).

Don’t get me wrong, I love the system, but am concerned about the anomalies of automatically switching from odd to even days for only one month is beyond my comprehension. I’ve elected to take the easy way out.

Beyond this, what is the deal with the calendar on the web site application???


Sorry for the delay. I had to take a sick day. I’ll replicate your setup this weekend and have a complete explanation for the behavior that you are seeing.

Regarding the web app, please see Franz post here.

I hope you have a great weekend.

Sorry to hear you are feeling under the weather, hope you understand my frustration.
Take the weekend off and look it over next week, this isn’t anything that is earth shaking.

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I wonder if the schedule was maybe longer in duration for the month it was evidently running over the course of two days? Did you check the sprinkler time. They do adjust if you have it set to…

Honestly seeing that it is a month out I’d have left it alone and seen if it didn’t change on its own. Or at least waited till the day before or so. I find often things have a way of fixing themselves.

I have been doing some experimenting and I think I found the problem. I believe you were initially correct - even though the total time for the schedule was well below the five and a half hours before sunrise, it appears the system included extra time during July and pushed me back to the previous day. By reducing my total time by 40 minutes the system automatically pushed everything to odd days from here on - ALL GOOD.
Still don’t understand why the change for July, I have Seasonal Shift turned off and am on a Fixed schedule.
Doesn’t matter, thanks for helping with this. Wanted you to know as soon as I found out.
Hope you are feeling better!

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Hi Glen!

I’m feeling much better after the weekend! It is good to know that my intuition was at least kind of correct (I’ve been doing this long enough). I’m still going to replicate today just to be 100% sure that I am understanding it correctly and we have it documented internally and share with Support Team.

I appreciate you working with me on this. Feel free to reach out anytime.