Obtain Calibrated Flow Rate with API

I would like to be able to use the API to obtain the calibrated flow rate for each zone (I have a flow meter and use the app to calibrate it).

When using the app I can see the calibrated value as part of the zone information. However I can’t find a way to get that info through the API.

I can access the zone inforomation for each zone but that doesn’t seem to have an entry for the result of the calibration. I can get information about the actual flow rate after each watering event using webhooks, but I want to be able to compare that with the calibrated ‘baseline’ value for the zone.

Any thoughts on how to get this info through the API?

Many thanks

Hi there!

I apologize for the delay in your getting a response. We currently do not have flow rate available in the API.

I’ll ask the engineering team about this and see if it is something that we can add in the future.

Many thanks and no worries about the delay. It would be a useful added item to have I think so I’ll keep my fingers crossed!