Obtain API Keys programmatically


I am one of the founders of http://www.getaegis.com We would like to add Rachio integration to our app.

Is there a way to login users using oauth2 to obtain api key programmatically?



Of course there is, just not documented or officially supported. Https://app.rach.io is working after all.

Why deal with username/password though? Having your users provide an API key or sharing access with your account and using an API from that is much more secure / straight forward.

Why deal with username/password though?

Using oauth2 standard, an app can obtain access token using authorize endpoint to connect without handling a username and password directly.

For example:


The client ID would be an developer application ID that must be registered before hand. I could not find anything in the docs that mention this so i assume its not supported.

sharing access with your account and using an API

can you elaborate?

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@nikko If you email me at franz@rach.io I can get you all setup with OAuth2.



I see that I was mistaken about oath, seems like a good way to go. As for one of my suggestions you could create an account with Rachio for your interface, something like api@getatgis.com and have your users share full access to their controller with that account. A single API key from that account (which you can get at will) would give you access to everyone who has shared their station/data.


I would also like to have access to a client_id so that I can use oauth for authentication in an app.

I sent you an email on 6/11/2020 but never heard back.

Please let me know if I should resend the request.

Thank you.


Sorry we only support this through company based partnerships.


Fair enough. Thanks.