Nozzle type in Zone Settings

I noticed the latest app update includes a setting for Hunter MP Rotators. What difference does it make to select Hunter MP Rotator vs. Rotor Head?

What I could figure out is it sets the nozzle rate to 0.8”/h and efficiency to 90% in that zone’s Advanced settings. I am going to go in a limb here and guess that is all it does, but not entirely sure. You can then go and edit those settings to your liking. It only acts as a preset template during setup.

That’s odd. My MP Rotators (1000, 2000, 3000 & 3500 series) are rated 0.4"/hr by Hunter. The new 8000 series of MP Rotators are 0.8"/hr. Having the default of 0.8"/hr and efficiency of 90% will negatively impact standard MP Rotator users.

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I’m guessing this is what it is based on. My Hunter MP’s put down about .55" based on a catch cup test.

Honestly, that is why I’ve been against the recommendations to add model specific nozzles. There are too many variables, and it would take SOOO much work for Rachio to maintain that database.

My precipitation rate is like yours - higher than rated. I think they rate at 40 psi. My psi is higher than that and varies based on the # of heads on the zone.

Mine is overlap, mainly. I have mine system dialed in at 45psi. With the shape of my yard, and layout of my heads, it is what it is. Originally, it was 13 zones of spray heads that I converted to MP Rotators so that I could combine zones together without too much pressure loss. I turned 9 front yard zones into 3 (3 separate grass areas), and the back yard 4 into 2 (2 separate grass areas).

I had a few areas of my yard that were closer to the specified PR, but the vast majority was more like .55"-,60", so that is why I opted to set mine at .55", and has worked beautifully for over 8 years.

Yes, MPs are rated at .4"/hour. If using this new setting, my zones will be under watered it seems.

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@tmcgahey Yes. Based on overlap and pressure, mine are about 0.66"/hr to 0.77"/hr.

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Mine are pressure regulated at sprinkler body to 40PSI and I get about 0.52”/h on average across all zones.

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That is about dead nuts on the spec book for them!