Nozzle needs replacing?

Here’s a pic of one of my nozzle. It’s a Railbird 12-Van with a blue filter (if any of that matters). It’s set to shoot out over ~180 degrees. You can clearly see some water does not shoot out on the top right, while water does come out on both sides of it. Also, some water does shoot straight up close to the screw on the top. I’m assuming this nozzle needs replacing? I have unscrewed it and tried my best to remove any debris in there.

Yes, the nozzle needs to be replaced. It is either clogged, damaged from equipment or just plain worn out. I see this all the time in the field.


This is my first rodeo with replacing a nozzle. Does that mean just the top piece nozzle? or do I have to dig out the whole sprayer head?

You will replace only the nozzle and filter. I think you can buy a 12 foot adjustable nozzle (12VAN) at Home Depot or any wholesale irrigation distributor. Most will sell to homeowners. Look for a YouTube video on changing a spray head nozzle.

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Yea, hold the stem and you can unscrew the ver top piece