Nozzle inches per hour in advanced features


Why does rachio 3 default to 1 inch per hour? I asked my irrigation company and he was not sure but estimated 0.33 inches . I’m a newbie to all this but that seems like a large difference. I moved into this house 2 years ago and do not have info on sprinkler heads. It is a hunter sprinkler system likely installed in 1998 when house was built 7 zones 4 rotor heads per zones vast majority are 360 degree or ~180 degree rotation I would estimate 20 foot stream.


We tried to use industry best estimates. .33 inches seems pretty low.

One way to determine is by doing a catch cup test.

This calculator will help derive the results and determine zone efficiency.


i was able to find a part number on the top of my sprinkler heads and look up much more info on it. go take a look