Nozzle inches an hour in advanced settings

When setting up my zones I know that my Pressure Regulated Spray Heads at 45psi with my spray heads being Rotary Nozzles, technically on paper have a 0.61 in/hr precipitation rate. But when I put out some tuna cans and measure the application rate on average, due to overlap of coverage, wind, placement… etc. I’m getting about 1 - 1.2. Here is my question. Would I use the technical specs of .61 Nozzle Inches Per Hour or should I use a Zone (Inches Per Hour) average of say 1.1? Basically, is the field really looking for the Average Zone Inches per Hour?

I’d start with what you are seeing outdoors. Some folks input the spec sheet and see dramatically inflated run times.


Sounds like you have some rotary head overlap (2 heads hitting the same tuna can). This is a good thing and is recommended when you’re installing/designing. Definitely go with the PR you observed in the field.


Is Rachio’s “Nozzle Inch Per Hour” the same as what most people refer to as “Precipitation Rate?” If so, why doesn’t Rachio use industry-standard nomenclature!? And if so, why does Rachio ask for “Area” in Advanced Settings if it is already baked-in to the Precipitation Rate? It doesn’t matter! Thoroughly confusing Advanced setup UI.

BTW Rachio’s tech support cannot answer these questions on their support line!!!

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Precipitation rate is measured in inches per hour, so they technicall are…

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