Notifications should indicate what zone is watering


<img src="/uploads/db1097/original/2X/3/3b45f4a7fc5e1acbf1be752d3498cc08857d349c.PNG" width=“281” height="500”>

The notifications currently aren’t very useful. I know some zone is watering, but not which zone. It should call out the zone by name.



I gave my zones different names when I set them up and my notifications show the name of each zone


@kohlab For some reason your image won’t load for me, but depending on your notification settings you should get notification for the individual zones!


Image fixed:


Hey @ChicagoAndy-

Thanks for fixing that photo for me! @kohlab thank you for the suggestion. Would you rather a notification for each individual zone or the zone names be included in the schedule notification?

McKynzee :rachio: