Notifications of schedule ending! (front lawn 2 weeks without water)

I get a lot of notifications from my Rachio controller:

  • Rain Skip
  • Seasonal Shift


But there are no notifications for “hey - your schedule {schedule name} ends today”.

Which there should - because in this case it led to not watering my front lawn for 2 weeks until I noticed I had a configuration error in the dates of my watering schedule.

I had my front lawn zone set to water more frequently (couple min a day) for 2 weeks to keep new seeds wet in the beginning of April. And then adjusted it back to a more normal schedule but set the end date to june 15 for some reason…

So then it was July 1st and I was wondering why my grass had yellow spots and the sidewalk was not wet in the morning. Checked the app and saw the schedule had turned off automatically.

I don’t care too much about the season shift notifications that tell me that the watering time has increased or decreased by 3 minutes. But it would be great to get a notification when a full schedule gets turned off and my lawn gets no water anymore…


I agree. That would be a nice notification to get.