Notifications for Shared/Multiple Accounts

We are an irrigation company with many clients using your generation 1 and 2 products and sharing access with us so we can control their irrigation. We also have this at our home. Since the update a few months ago, we now get notifications for all accounts that have been shared with us, and with no description as to name or location or anything. So it could be our home, or it could be any one of our clients. You would have to go through each one to see which system went off the night before, which can’t be the intention of the developers.

  1. Go back to the way it was where notifications were ONLY for the primary account holder’s system.
  2. Within notifications, have a second option for notifications for shared accounts.
  3. (Least attractive) Have all notifications include name of account (Smith House, etc)

All of your clients are valuable of course, but keep in mind that us irrigation companies are high volume buyers and users, and the only people impacted by this issue.
Thank you!