Notifications & Device Screens & more with release 3.10!


You asked, and we delivered!


  • Push notifications now include device names (!) and those notifications will drive to the home screen of that specific controller.
  • Shared access users can now receive emails or notifications about flow monitoring alerts.
  • Flow monitoring alerts can now be customized in settings.

but wait, there’s more!

Users with 5 controllers or less, meet the new devices screen! This redesign allows you to get more information about your controllers in one spot, as well as giving you quick actions without having to go to the home screen. (Have more than 5 controllers? Just wait - we have some fun stuff coming for you as well!)

More secrets
3.10 also includes some secret groundwork for an upcoming feature for our Flow customers :wink: Stay tuned!



Here are a couple screenshots with the new notification settings (Flow monitoring and sharing shared access emails).


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Nice additions! Any samples of what the updated incoming push notifications with controller name look like? We’re in standby until next year yet still curious. :smiley:


@scorp508 I’ll see myself or @mckynzee can grab some screenshots for ya :slight_smile:


Love the new Watering animations on the devices screen!


Here’s a fresh screen shot of a notification…


Nice! Thank you so much for sharing a screenshot @tmcgahey! :slight_smile: That was on my list of to-do’s for today! :cheers:



Thanks for listening and implementing these :sparkler::fireworks::tada::balloon::confetti_ball::sparkler::fireworks:


@laura.bauman, I’ve actually been getting the notifications with controller name for a few weeks…was there some other update that brought that about?


@tmcgahey - kind of! Our server pushed it out a little early since the feature is not dependent on an app update but instead dependent on the server.


Kudos to the server team.