Notifications delayed/missed/oddness

My Iro watered on Sunday morning, but I didn’t see any notifications on my Android phone, nor my iPad. However, this morning at 1:38am it informed me that watering started and then 1 minute later completed with a duration of 190 minutes. After some brief confusion, I looked at my phone and history to make sure there wasn’t a time hole opening up.

Indeed, all seemed fine, so something odd is (was?) going on with notifications.

Same happened to me. Figured they got caught up in the cloud.

Same here–see attached screenshot.

@alien88‌ @SHoward‌ @ted_chappell‌ We use the standard Apple push notifications and Google GCM. Both services do not guarantee the order of messages or from the Apple website “Delivery of notifications is a “best effort”, not guaranteed.” We do send these notifications as soon as the schedules start/stop/complete but have no control over when they actually arrive on the phone or in what order. Thanks and let us know if you have any more questions!

@franz Fascinating - thanks for the information!

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