For one reason or another the Iro wifi connection failed and ended up not watering the plants for four days. I reconnected the power cord and it worked instantly. This has happened twice. Most likely it’s my wifi connection. I know others have suggested water usage stats, but having a notification when the water times have not triggered for a period of time would be useful.

Interesting, I thought the Iro worked off of the last settings if it doesn’t connect. Perhaps the last setting was a rain delay - eek - if that’s the case, that wouldn’t be good if you go away for a couple of weeks!


@franky_Brit‌ is correct, the Iro will maintain your last watering schedule, even if you loose connectivity. What you’re describing actually leads me to believe you might have a wiring issue. Would you mind emailing us at and maybe shoot over a picture of your old wiring (if you still have it) and a picture of your new wiring?

I would love to see a push notification if the Iro loses wifi connection and doesn’t reconnect within a given period of time (say 6 hours). My controler lost connection at one point and I didn’t know until I tried opening the app to modify settings. I’m not sure how long it had been offline.

@leonard_fisher We do currently send an email and push notification if the device is offline for 24 hours. I think if we did anything less it might be quite a bit of noise :wink:

You can enable/disable the push notification functionality in settings (left slider menu)

Let us know if you have any feedback or questions. Thanks!

Thanks @franz, I guess I didn’t realize “Status of my Iro changes” meant the wifi connection. Another suggestion for the app that may be covered under a different thread is an icon under “Watering Times” that shows whether the schedule is currently on or off. Right now you have to click into each in order to tell if they are on or off. If you have lots of them set up this can be cumbersome.

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@leonard_fisher Agreed. Our version 2.0 of the app (coming out late April/early May) is going to do a much better job of showing you exactly what is running, stay tuned!