Notification your Rachio is offline for 1 day or so

Just found out that my Rachio 2 was offline and seemed to be offline for a couple of days. Probably happened after I updated my router software.

What would be nice is an email notification from Rachio that the webapp can’t connect to the Rachio. Doesn’t have to be within minutes, but after a day or so it would be nice to know.

Rachio normally sends you an email after a couple of days. I’m thinking its 48 hours, but I could be wrong.

I just set up an ITTT to email me whenever it goes offline. Don’t yet know if it’s really going to work, so I’m waiting for the next power outage to see.

Rachio waits a bit to notify you so that you won’t get “noise” when the device may go offline and back on several times if you are having an Internet hiccup.

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@mbeijen -
You should receive a notification when your controller is offline for 24 hours! Did you not receive one?
McKynzee :rachio:

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