Notification when reaching certain Watering Tiers

I live in Colorado Springs and our utility has a tiered water usage plan.

I’ve honed the water usage so that the Rachio app is pretty accurate about its estimated water usage-- but is it possible to set up it such that I get notified when I’m reaching certain milestones (1000CF and 2500CF)?

I’ve tried to set up an IFTTT, but the Rachio API doesn’t seem to allow a hook to total monthly water usage. Any ideas?

Also-- suggestion-- can you add a setting that allows us to view stats with different units? Gallons versus Cubic Feet?

That would be an awesome first step. The next might be being able to input those watering tiers and have the Rachio implement a watering plan that avoids going over caps or price tier jumps.

Hey Austin-
Unfortunately there is not currently a way to set up this kind of notification. We are definitely trying to find ways to better serve those who have watering restrictions, so we appreciate the suggestions and feedback! I’m going to switch this to product suggestions so it can get logged correctly :slight_smile:
McKynzee :rachio: