Notification sent indicating zone will water, it's watering but app says it's not

Daily Flex notification sent out at 4:30 am or thereabouts and zone started an expected 3 cycle watering, but the app indicates that last watering was yesterday. Also, the zone has been on 0 since Saturday. Also the app says it will water the zone tomorrow.

I rechecked the app at 7:10 am and it had updated to indicate that watering had taken place, however the watering detail is incomplete, showing 2 of 3 cycles.

@George45, Just to clarify, is one or more zones not watering with the other zones? Keep in mind that Flex Daily schedules will water on a zone by zone basis so some days one zone might water and on other days a different zone could water.

If you haven’t yet, try refreshing the app by either logging out and back in, or simply pull down on any of the main screens (you’ll see a Release to refresh and arrow appear). If this doesn’t show the watering schedule finishing, we might need to check the device logs to see if you have a bad solenoid or if the controller went offline during the watering schedule.

The watering schedule (one zone only) completed properly but was not reported properly by the app.

Today all 4 of my zones are watering, but at this moment are not being reported properly by the app. For instance zone 2 says it was last watered on August 15th, even though it’s watering right now.

@George45, I checked your device logs and it appears your controller is reconnecting to WiFi before the schedule completes. This would explain the inconsistency in the dates displayed. Refreshing the app should correct the dates. We might need to troubleshoot your WiFi setup to better understand why the controller is going offline.

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Emil. If you look at my Zone 2 “Front Yard South”. It got 3 cycles of 15 minutes each [observed] and in watering history it shows that, but in Moisture Level Detail it shows it only received .15 in of irrigation and will water it again tomorrow. Zone 1 “Front Yard North” also watered today and has exactly the same characteristics as Zone 2, but Zone 1 shows it got .45 in of irrigation. Something’s not right…