Notification prior to watering start


(Generation 1)
There used to be a notification 1 hour before watering would start. This seems to now be gone (there is still a notification when watering starts and ends).

Please bring this back. It gives me a chance to abort watering if needed.



Between 3 controllers (2 of mine, and 1 I’m helping to manage) and 24 zones, I get notifications ALL day EVERYDAY. I can say with pretty good certainty that I still get notifications before waterings…


A simple toggle on/off in the app for different notifications would be great. I don’t really want notifications when a schedule starts/stops, but do want a notification when a schedule is skipped.


@tburch You can do this under More -> Account Settings -> Notifications


I agree. This was a great feature. The other day my lawn guy called and said the sprinkler was on while he tried to cut my grass. With the old system, I would have known 1 hour before and cancelled the event.


It is still there. Go into your account settings and make sure it is toggled on. I get all my notifications.


Hmmm, I’m afraid I don’t see it. I have every notification enabled and I’m not getting a notification 1 hour PRIOR to the start of watering.


What phone are you using? Is there a chance that you inadvertantly disabled the app from showing notifications on the phone? I know with Android, you can individually silence notifications in the settings.