Notification prior to watering start

(Generation 1)
There used to be a notification 1 hour before watering would start. This seems to now be gone (there is still a notification when watering starts and ends).

Please bring this back. It gives me a chance to abort watering if needed.



Between 3 controllers (2 of mine, and 1 I’m helping to manage) and 24 zones, I get notifications ALL day EVERYDAY. I can say with pretty good certainty that I still get notifications before waterings…

A simple toggle on/off in the app for different notifications would be great. I don’t really want notifications when a schedule starts/stops, but do want a notification when a schedule is skipped.

@tburch You can do this under More -> Account Settings -> Notifications

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I agree. This was a great feature. The other day my lawn guy called and said the sprinkler was on while he tried to cut my grass. With the old system, I would have known 1 hour before and cancelled the event.

It is still there. Go into your account settings and make sure it is toggled on. I get all my notifications.

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Hmmm, I’m afraid I don’t see it. I have every notification enabled and I’m not getting a notification 1 hour PRIOR to the start of watering.

What phone are you using? Is there a chance that you inadvertantly disabled the app from showing notifications on the phone? I know with Android, you can individually silence notifications in the settings.

Back in the early days, Rachio would send an email 12 hours before it watered. This was really handy in case the yard had to be available for lawn care or some other purpose. I would like to see that come back.

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