"Nothing scheduled for the next two weeks"

I installed my new computer a couple months ago and have been running it manually without issues. I recently added a fixed watering schedule and it’s selected as “active.” However, it still doesn’t run on it’s own. On my dashboard, My Yard, each zone shows as “Not Scheduled” for the next watering. In the Watering Schedule section it also says “Nothing scheduled for the next two weeks.” Why is this not scheduling correctly?


Hi @coffey8613, welcome to the Rachio Community - hope you are enjoying the controller so far :slight_smile:

I pulled up your account and it looks like that you have been running the controller manually through our remote and it has been on standby mode since you’ve installed the controller.

If you take the controller off of standby mode (device settings -> Standby Mode, your schedules will run as expected.


-:rachio: Lucas

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