Nothing running, all zones reading 24V at controller

Have had an 8 zone Gen 2 since last May, no issues until a few days ago. Noticed that none of my zones were running, although the app indicated that everything was normal. I went to check the wiring today with a multimeter. Found that when any zone was activated manually via the app, all zones were receiving 24V. To try to isolate the fault, I then disconnected all wiring and ran each zone again. This time, the zone commanded to run was receiving 24V, and the others were reading around 10V. I would expect that only the zone commanded to run receives 24V and the others should be at 0. Any ideas? Defective controller? Wiring fault?

Sometimes a controller output will put out what’s called ‘ghost voltage’ on other terminals. It’s usually not enough to activate a zone, though.

Reboot the controller and recheck the output.

@alexkjohnson - are you using a digital or analog ohm meter?