Notes for zones

It would be really helpful to be able to add notes with a zone to describe details – like I have a tree zone with embedded inline emitters and so I can count the emitters and determine how much water per tree per minute/hour is going into the ground. I will long forget this info after I have covered the line with mulch and would want to document this info someplace – it makes sense to allow us to add note(s) to each zone to document changes/updates to the zone we may perform over time, or to describe logic for setting certain watering configurations…

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That is a great point that you bring up. I have not heard it before but I can certainly see the added value. As you know right now this is not available, but we can certainly add this to our backlog to be added in a future release.

We are releasing a new version of our software, version 2.0, which will have a lot of great new features available. Although this note section will not be included I have passed this along to our dev team.

Thanks again for your suggestion. Keep them coming if anymore come to mind.


I too would like a place to put notes. I have trouble remembering the name of the manufacturer and the model number and other aspects of each valve. A notes field, especially one that could be printed out as a report is something I could work with a landscaper with to make sure we get the right parts.

Ditto-It would be really helpful to be able to add notes with a zone to describe details

Agree that a Notes field would be very helpful. The Name field is just not big enough nor appropriate for all the info one might want to add for the zone. But I am not too hopeful as this thread was started 3 years ago …

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I too would like to see a “notes” field added to zones. I have sets of valves spread throughout my property and I currently have to keep a separate list of the location of the valve for each zone. It would be really nice to be able to include that information in a notes field. Thanks.

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+1. There is another Product Suggestion for the same issue. I hope the Rachio team addresses this at some point.