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Model: Gen 2 - 8 zone

Sunday (4/26/20) I contacted Rachio support, but still have not heard back from anyone as of Thursday (4/30/20). I have been using my Rachio controller for ~2 years now without an issue. This past weekend I tried testing the system from the app and noticed the sprinklers weren’t popping up. The app and Rachio controller seem to be running fine. I’m not sure what type of system I have outside of the Rachio controller. I power cycled the controller and updated the firmware from the app and the sprinklers still are not popping up. What should I do?

Do you have anything connected to the master valve (M) terminal? It is a safety valve and if it has failed, anything else will fail to work.

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I realize every system is different. However, how would I know where to look? The ground containers for the system all have wires, but I have not been able to find one that have a reset switch/button.

Start by looking at the Rachio controller itself. Take a picture of the terminal where all the wires are connected. This may answer many questions about your setup, without needing to hunt for valves in the ground.

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I’m not sure what I’m looking at here to be honest.

You have 7 zones, without the master valve. Because all of them are not working, most likely that water supply to your sprinklers has been turned off somewhere. Try looking for a valve near to your valve box, it may not be far from the back-flow preventer.

How do you get your water for irrigation? Do you have a pump?

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It comes from city water supply. There is a ground box adjacent to the main shut off valve, but it did not look like there was a valve in there. I’ll check again. Does the city tend to mess with the valves? I don’t recall messing with any valves.

Valves are typical in the irrigation systems, city does not usually bother with valves besides the main shutoff, but there is only so many things which could effect the whole system, misunderstood valves are high on the list.

If you do find one of the zone valves for your irrigation system, you can try unscrewing the solenoid (part to which the wires connect) counterclockwise a few turns and see if any of your zones turn on. To turn the zone off, turn the same solenoid clockwise until it stops. Do not overtighten.

Here is a video example:

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Has any digging or work been done in your yard?

I found the irrigation control box. I noticed the lower shut off valve was broken off and laying on the ground. It appears someone may have tampered with it and broke it. This may be the culprit and needs to be replaced. Can you identify the name of the part?

Got it working again. I had to replace the control valve unit itself. Thanks @Gene for getting me set.