Not watering lawn enough

Help everyone. I am a very happy Rachio user but having and issue lately. My front lawn does not seem to be watering as often as it should. I have a centipede lawn and my front yard seems to be crunchy. My backyard is lush and the best it ever looked.

I initially set all the settings in the advanced area and tweaked everything and it seems to all have worked perfectly until lately. I just adjusted my root depth from 8.2 inches to 7 inches. With this new change my lawn is still not being watered for 3 more days but I think it needs it tomorrow morning.

Is that the right move or should I be looking at something else? Please let me know what you experts think.

I’d move crop coefficient 5%-15% and look at your two week forecasted moisture graph. That lever will increase frequency without increasing duration. Hope this helps!