Not watering in Manual or Schedule

IHi there, I’m having an issue with my Gen 1 Rachio.
It says that it’s watering in but it is not. I’ve tried all zones in manual and it says it’s watering, but it is not.

If I manually turn the valve/solenoid at the junction box, the sprinklers work. It seems to not be sending a signal to the sprinkler system even though it thinks it is.

Are there and tips to try? I’ve reset the wifi network and rebooted the rachio. I have a solid power light, flashing green wifi light, and a blue status light (when I activate a zone manually).

Thank you.


It seems to have fixed itself. Lol.
The flashing green wifi light went away. It’s solid now.
The manual mode seems to be working. I’ll wait to see if the schedule will follow.

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Hey @Glen-

Has your controller been working well since this incident?

McKynzee :rachio:

Hi there, thanks for reaching out!
Yes it has been working. It seems like it was just an isolated incident.
I’ll keep you updated if it stops working again.


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Glad to hear it @Glen!