Not sure rain forecasting works right with flex scheduling

I’m not sure my iro works correctly for flex schedules dealing with rain forecasting.

Zones 6 and 9 continue to go unwatered:

  • Flex schedule starts at 12:15 AM, not limited by anything.

  • Rain is forecasted for the next day, so the 'make the next day’s plan does not include watering.

  • The next actual day, no rain actually occurs. Coupled with watering being turned off, no irrigation is performed.

  • The next ‘make the next day’s plan’ sees that no rain actually occurred, but doesn’t schedule watering.

  • Meanwhile the soil moisture level spreadsheet shows that irrigation occured.

Please help. See zone 9. 0.40 inches of irrigation are shown to have occurred, but in fact it didn’t. The log of what occurred shows zone 9 didn’t do any irrigation.

Looks like flex zones need some more work as they attempt to forecast rain. Looks like irrigation is not recovered when it actually doesn’t rain. Not good.

Thank you.

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Hi @a0128958,

Thanks for reaching out. I believe the issue you were experiencing with your Flex schedule is rooted in a display bug that we are currently working on. For more information, please reference this community post: Hot days ahead and Flex watering less?

In short, the issue you’re experiencing is that the forecasted schedule is overriding the observed schedule on the moisture graph. This isn’t a problem as long as the weather forecasts and weather observations line up, but when these differ, the graph might show tomorrow’s watering schedule today.

In reviewing your zone moisture graphs (below), both zones watered on Monday (the 17th):

Zone 6

Zone 9

Although neither zone ran today, they should tomorrow, unless rain comes around overnight and bumps the moisture level back up.

In reviewing your “My Yard” card, both zones are forecasting the next watering to take place on 8/21.

I hope this helps. If you have any confusion or concern, please do not hesitate to comment here or reach out to our support team (

Best, Emil

It helps. Thanks.

Looks like it take the Iro three days to recover from a forecasted rain event that doesn’t actually occur.

At 11:15 PM the next days schedule is prepared. Irrigation is called for, but, rain forecast is determined to cover irrigation need.

Day 1: no irrigation occurs because the night before’s forecast said it was going to rain this day. In fact no rain occurs.

At 11:15 PM schedule creation for next day, system bug prevents Iro from scheduling the make up irriigation to occur the next day.

Day 2: no irrigation occurs.

System bug prevents seeing that Iro will schedule irrigation next day.

At 11:15 PM schedule creation for next day, irrigation is indeed called for next day…

Day 3: Irrigation finally occurs.

I’d like to ask that you work on cutting a day out of this cycle, I.e., it takes 2, not 3 days to recover.

You’ll probably have to go to twice per day schedule updates, which my guess is is not a trivial enhancement.

Flex scheduling implies real time watering. But the once every 24 hour batch generation of schedules for the next day, coupled with attempted rain forecasting, makes for the problems at the moment. I think flex scheduling has some needed design reflection.

Many thanks!

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