Not sending consistent voltage to flow meter

So I have an Everydrop meter wired in to the system.

Long story short I have a few extra wires over there, (all of which don’t have resistance when hooked together) but when I hook up to the flow meter the flow meter loses power.

This is echod by a volt meter so it appears to be the controller as there is continuity when the wires are hooked together.

Please advise, thanks.

I have a rachio 3 - 8 zone.

How do you have it connected? If you can, please include the photos of the setup.
Flow meter should be connected to S1 or S2 and 24V- terminal, it should also be added to the controller via app / website. Go to controller settings and choose flow meter as an accessory. You can find more detailed info here:

Wired flow sensor compatibility and installation (

Finally, what do you mean that your flow meter looses power? How was it powered prior to Rachio hookup?