Not running zones

I am switching from a rainbird that all the zones would work from. I connected all the wires and made sure they were in but more than half of the zones will not work. I have unplugged all of the wires and plugged them into a zone that I know for sure works and only 2 of them have worked.

@tclemens23, sorry to hear about your zones not working, and I apologize that it’s taken a few days to respond to you here. Have you e-mailed Rachio support? This sounds like something they’ll want to help you troubleshoot to determine the cause.

If you have, or could get, a couple photos of your wiring before & after (old Rainbird unit & your new Rachio), please send them in to The more detail you can include in this email the better. Also, please include a phone number if you’re willing to troubleshoot over the phone. That may be the fastest way to get you fixed up & watering all your zones for the weekend.

Thanks for your patience; hope to get you watering with Rachio soon!

~Lucas :rachio:

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