Not receiving notifications Android

I just set up my Rachio 3 and all the settings, etc. I have it to push notifications to my Android phone set to on. Since I set up the system I have only received one notification, yet I should have received more due to schedule skips. I am getting the emails, but not the notifications. I tried the resetting the app as instructed in thier faq (set the date ahead, remove app, re-install, etc. etc. etc.) but this did not help. Is there anything else I can do to start receiving notifications?

Hmmm…@steve.palmerin any thoughts on this?


Hi @stevem. Sounds like you went through all the steps laid out in this link: Why am I not getting notifications on my phone?. What phone and android version are you currently using the Rachio app on?

Another step you can try is clearing the app data via System Settings → Apps → Rachio → Clear App Data. Sometimes reinstalling does not fully clear all the data of the app so this should clear everything.

Let me know if this still is not working for you.


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Yes, I followed the steps in the link you provided.
Its a Samsung Galaxy S21+ running Android 11.

I’ll try clearing the app data.

Also check that notifications are allowed for the Rachio app. Settings - Apps - find Rachio and make sure it is set to allowed. I’ve had issues where I’ve accidentally silenced (or completely shut off) notifications since you can do that from the notifications tray now.

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I have the same Samsung S21+ on Sprint. I noticed that I too don’t get notifications. I uninstalled the app and will try reinstalling tomorrow but this is a fresh install so I don’t think it’ll work. Were you able to get notifications to work? Another step I took was to disable battery optimization on the app.

My old phone, Motorola Z2 Force, still gets notifications without issue but it’s running Andoird 8.

Update. I waited two days to reinstall and ran a zone. It worked. I now get notifications. On Monday a full program ran and I got notification that it started but not when it completed. But at least it works now. Hopefully it doesn’t drop again.

Update 2. This mornings run didn’t provide any notifications. This is the only app that behaves this way so I doubt it’s truly a cloud issue as described in the rachio solution.

My old phone sits idly without a network connection, only wifi, and it receives rachio notifications flawlessly.