Not getting Rachio 3 controller online

I disabled the irrigation schedule for few months till last week. When I tried to enable the schedule, the controller was showing it as offline. Currently the 1st quadrant light is flashing for 10 times with white and blue and one time in red and then it is flashing with white and blue for 10 times and goes on… To troubleshoot, I did the below things.

  1. Unplugged the controller power card for 1 min and waited for few minutes… There is no change.
  2. When I tried to update the wifi network, I am not getting flashing blue when I pressed the wifi button for few seconds. I am getting green and flashing yellow. Still the same issue.
  3. When I tried hard reset, after pressing the stop button for few seconds, I get the flashing yellow and then blue and then nothing is happening.

Need some help on how to get the controller online again…