Not getting notifications on Google Pixel 6 Pro (Android 12)

I recently changed my phone from a Google Pixel 5 (Android 12) to a Google Pixel 6 Pro and noticed that I haven’t been receiving any notifications of schedules that were ran, etc. on my phone. I thought perhaps it’s the settings on my new phone and when I compared them against my old phone, they were the same. Looking back, when my Rachio was enabled (for spring), I don’t recall seeing any notifications whenever the schedules usually run (at 3 am) so I know it’s not the settings.

Went through the troubleshooting steps as detailed here: Why am I not getting notifications on my phone? which included changing the date/time, uninstalling and reinstalling the app, etc. but no luck.

Any updates/ideas? I looked through the threads and noticed there were some discussions about notifications not working in Android in the past as well.

I use a Google Pixel 6 pro running Android 12 and receive notifications from Rachio. Sorry I can’t be of more help.