Not getting notifications from second Rachio Device

We have a rachio v1 installed in our primary residence and recently (a few week ago) installed a v2 at our mountain home. We have always gotten notifications from the primary. We did receive notifications for a few days from the mountain home, and then they stopped. The new device is online, it is watering the plants, but no notifications. Both devices show up on the app and web page under our account with no issues/error messages. I have checked my settings in the app, and everything under notifications (except rain sensor which we do not have) is turned on. Any suggestions on what to do to get notifications from both devices (same account)?



Hi @cohenfive,

What is the make and model of the device you’re using for notifications?
What account are you logged into that you’re expecting notifications?

I do see that you have shared access to the controller on your account. One thing I would note is that unfortunately a Shared Access user does not receive mobile notifications, only the account that the controller belongs to will receive them.

I am not talking about a shared access user, I am talking about myself and my wife. Zero notifications are being received for the second rachio device. User name is ‘cohenfive’. What do you mean by make and model? We have a rachio 16 zone v1 at our primary residence that is sending out notifications to both my wife and myself just fine. We have a rachio 16 zone v2 at our mtn home which sent notifications out for a couple of days and then stopped. Zero notifications from the v2 rachio.

If you mean what mobile devices do we use, my wife uses and iphone and I use a samsung galaxy s8, so both operating platforms. Both receive notifications from our primary, neither from our other.

Thanks for the clarification @cohenfive, I am just trying to collect as much detail as possible to properly diagnose the issue. Yes I was referring to your mobile device, and if I understand correctly both you and your wife are logged into the same account on both phones.

Do you happen to remember what type of notifications you received from the few days that you were receiving notifications from the mountain home controller?

I took a look at your account and it looks like there is currently one Notification option that is not enabled, the “Notify me when the status of my watering schedule changes”.

Try logging in from one of your mobile devices and enabling this notification for your Gen 2 controller and see if this improves the situation.

Done. Interesting, in looking at the list of notifications I never saw that one before. it is below the page that shows all of the others in the list. Hopefully that is it. I will report back tomorrow.

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I have given this a couple of days, and while I’m still getting notifications from our primary device, I am still getting nothing from the other device. What can I do that won’t cause me a big problem?

Hey @cohenfive-

I’m wondering if this has to do with which dashboard you leave the app on. Can you switch to your mountain house device and leave the app on that device to see if it makes a difference? Shot in the dark here.

McKynzee :rachio:

Looks like we are now getting alerts for both devices. Hopefully it sticks, not really sure why we weren’t for a while.