Not even sure if I set it up yet?

I am trying to set up a new device and the app never shows that it locates it. The app is now showing Controller offline. However, the app shows Rachio-and a number after it, not sure if that number is the model or serial, so I did not post. It also states it is offline. Does that mean it is setup through the app? If I click on it it shows controller offline at the top, and below that it shows days and weather forecast and info about March usage.

If it is not setup, any tips?


@RainHusk - the number after the “Rachio-” is the serial number (the last part of the MAC address if I remember correctly). If the app says “Controller offline” then the controller isn’t connecting to the Rachio servers. If there is WiFi at the location where the Rachio is installed and that WiFi isn’t blocking ports, etc. then I might do a WiFi reset on the controller and re-connect it with the WiFi.