Not enough water in the summer, too much in winter!

I count myself as a noob since I only installed my 2 mid last year. As the hot summer months came by (August) my lawn looked a little distressed so I increased the crop coefficient to try and give it more water. Probably too little too late. But now as we exit winter I have the opposite problem, too much water is getting to the lawn in spite of the soil already being damp. The rain skip is working and my schedules are being updated monthly as they should.
Can you suggest any other parameters I can adjust to remedy this situation?

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I’m having similar problems. There seem to be too many settings to get this to work as expected.

I have my zones set to “flex daily.” It rained all day yesterday and I just got notifications this evening that the system was about to run through all of my schedules (with no adjustment to duration even). It’s such a bummer to see the system waste water when that’s the exact thing I was trying to avoid.

I’ve played with a bunch of the advanced settings (which I don’t believe I should have to do) and I’ve never been able to set it up in a way that I trust it will make the right decisions.

I’ve simply gotten used to manually adjusting and skipping schedules as necessary.


I had this problem too, then fixed it following the advice & help of people on this forum (thanks @franz!). My first mistake was playing with the Crop Coefficient without knowing what the real numbers were that I needed. My second was winging the first.

The fixes are easy. For the most simple hands-off approach reset the device to defaults, then select Flex Daily, tweak only the day or times you have to, then leave it alone. It’s not as “perfect” as the next method, but it works pretty darned well.

The more hands-on approach is to go to an Ag authority and get the proper crop coefficients for your situation, then plug them in manually every month. In CA, UC Davis has the poop for turf grasses. I don’t have a link handy, but there’s one in this forum… somewhere.

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