Not enough irrigation days available, multiple accounts on app, flex schedule curiosities

I’ve done calculations using the EvapoTranspiration Reference (ETo), Plant Factor (Pf), Soil Type, Water Holding Capacity, Irrigation Efficiency, and Precipitation Rate for my various zones on a client install.

Request 1: For my low water use zones (Pf = 0.2 of ETo), I’m getting an Irrigation Interval (II) of 31 days and a run time of 67 minutes. The rachio schedule settings only allow me to go to 21 days. I would love to be able to enter in my own interval and not be limited to predetermined days.

Request 2: can you create nozzle types that reference popular drip line systems with emitter rates of (0.4, 0.6, 0.9, 1.0 GPH - Hunter, Netafim, Rainbird, etc. all have those rates). Currently I have to calculate the conversion to in/hr from gph and then create a custom nozzle.

Request 3: as a contractor, it’d be awesome to be able to save multiple client accounts in my iPhone app so that I can login to different ones, or login to my own account and then control client accounts. Kinda like how MailChimp allows me to admin client campaigns from my own account, giving the client control to remove me if they wish. Then I don’t have to know their pass.

Request 4: The flex schedule gave me some crazy run times, and didn’t share a lot of info as to what it was going to be irrigating total volume wise, so I went to a fixed schedule. I need to read up more on how flex programing works because it seems awesome, but I was a bit put off by 2 hour and 45 minute irrigation times.

Thanks and Happy New Year!

Thanks, I’ll forward this to our product team.

For our 2.5 release this Spring, we are looking to provide these conversions automatically.

This might be what you are looking for…let us know if you were thinking of something else.

This might have been due to chosen crop type (trees, shrubs, perennials) it is going to want to water much longer (due to root zone depth), but much less frequent…or if you had a really low in/hr nozzle type selected that will extend the runtime since that is one of the more weighted variables in our equation. Without knowing all of your variables hard to explain the extended runtime.

[] can review or help dial these in if you have questions.


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Awesome, thanks @franz! Will go into more depth on the advanced settings to be sure everything is correct and play with flex after the install is established! Happy New Year!

Still searching for netafim under the nozzle types. Currently using “emitter” but was wondering if you are creating this in the updates? Thanks!

Hi @Morganza ,

The GPH option for emitters didn’t make it into the 2.5 release. We’re still looking to add GPH input instead of in/hr as a way to enter nozzle details, but we don’t have a date set yet for that feature.

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