Not confident on wiring

Hi I just purchased my Rachio3 to replace hunter X core and I’m kind of chickening out on swapping systems

zones 1-8 are obvious and since I live in TX I’d like to continue to use the rain sensor since rain can vary by street here it seems

Does either S’s go into the Rachio3 S1 and S2

Same with the 2c’s on the x core do they go to individually to any of the C’s on the Rachio?

I don’t want to be 0 for 3 on upgrades this week or I’ll be in the real dog house

Any help is appreciated

I presume you have a Hunter rain sensor. You may continue to use it, but it may hook up to the Rachio a bit differently. The trick usually is figuring out exactly which is the common for the sprinkler valves. Depending on how the bundles are, that might be easy. A link for one Hunter rain sensor with instructions may be found at: Rachio compatibility with Hunter Rain-Clik Wireless Rain Sensor

Thank you Thomas for the link

The sensor looks to be the wired version of the mini click

@Txrob -

Step one - label all the white wires before disconnecting.

Step two - the two smaller white wires in the Hunter C can go to one or several Rachio C terminals.

Step three - the thick white wires in the Hunter Sens one will go in the Rachio S1 and the other will go in the Rachio 24 VAC - terminal. See →

Howdy and welcome to the community!

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I was able to get everything up and running except the rain sensor did not work during the initial test.

Anyone have any ideas ? I put one sensor wire to S1 and the other to the 24-

The sensor is a hunter mini clik wired

Thank you Dlane

Do I have to reset the sensor? Or does it not work during the initial test run

I really appreciate the support of this site

@Txrob - In the Rachio app was sensor S1 set to a rain sensor?

Also, I believe the rain sensor status is ignored on manual runs - if a manual run was initiated.

How was the rain sensor tested on the initial test run?

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Jeez that was it I didn’t enable it

Thank you soooo much it’s all up and running. You’d think I built the colosseum with the sense of accomplishment I feel lol

Again thank you !!!