Noobie IFTTT question

I have set up an IFTTT account, and am trying to create an applet. I was wanting to have the applet check the temperature (from WU) at noon, and water a zone depending on the current temp. I can’t see a way to have multiple triggers (eg. time = noon), and temp in the same applet. I would have thought that IFTTT would allow this (if this and this then that), but it doesn’t look that way. It would seem to me that the power of IFTTT would be to link the conditions reported from multiple connections to result in smart actions.

I could see that one applet could be the trigger for another applet, but if so, I have not seen how to connect applets yet.

I have found an applet “Start Rachio if temperature exceeds level” that will probably work, but I am not sure how often it might get triggered, I want to check and water once each day.

Do any IFTTT experts have any advice?

I will answer some of my own questions…

I found the ‘standard’ IFTTT applet can only have a single trigger. I found an old reddit post saying it is possible to have multiple triggers and filters if I use IFTTT platform and javascript. I followed a link, but needed to authenticate with google, so did not bother. Disappointing.

I did create some applets with Weather underground temperature triggers and email actions. It looks like that they are not overly sensitive. I set one to trigger at 80, but it said it was already 83 when it triggered. I am thinking this will only likely trigger once each day, so might work out of the box.