Non-supported water flow meter with Rachio 3

I am looking at retrofitting a number of other branded sprinkler controllers that use a DAE AS200U-75P flow meter with a Rachio 3. I’ve started with mine. The DAE AS200U-75P is a wired flow meter that sends a pulse every 1 US gallon. I’ve tried calibrating it with some of the supported wired models, but they either report too low or too high compared to the display on the flow meter. I’ve checked the accuracy of the flow meter with a 10 gallon bucket, the meter reports 10 gallons.

Looking at the specs of the supported flow meters none of them look like they are close to the DAE AS200U-75P.

Could the DAE AS200U-75P be added to the code? Seems like an easy addition. Or can someone tell me if any of the supported wired flow meters output 1 pulse per US gallon?

One thing you should be aware of in the world of metering (of just about anything) is that it is a world of “specsmanship”. You really need to understand the technologies used in the meter to understand the specs. One common trick is saying a meter is +/- X % and unless it is specially stated “of reading”, it usually means “of full scale”. What this means is that a meter with 20gpm full scale can be X% off at any flow rate including 1GPM. So, a 1% meter of full scale can be 0.2 gpm or 20% off at 1gpm. Also, any paddle meter will not stay at any given accuracy over time because of the simple physics that the rotating paddle has a bearing that will wear over time.


Can anyone help?

Has there been a solution solved to this incompatibility issue with flow meters? I also currently have DAE AS200U-75P with 1 pulse/gallon output. I can’t seem to find an equivalent model listed in the “supported” flow sensor list.
As I’m retrofitting the Rachio to an existing orchard irrigation, I hope I don’t need to change the flow meter.