NOAA KHEF weather station not reporting rainfall

I’ve been trying to figure out why my rachio keeps watering so much even though it has rained. How can I verify/fix the weather station i’m connected to it reporting rainfall? It looks to me like it isn’t. we had a ton of rain this week and it shows nothing. The next closest weather station is 15 miles away. I’d prefer something much closer! how do I find personal stations? all i see are NOAA weather stations as options



FYI, in case anyone else has this issue… below is the email I received from support. It is possible for a user to never know the weather station they are linked to doesn’t report rainfall. needless to say this makes weather intelligence and everything else about it being a smart controller almost worthless, considering everything is based on how much saturation you lawn has…

My lawn has been severely over-watered all spring. as soon as I found a weather station reporting proper rainfall, my lawn saturation jumped from 20% to 80%


I’ve been doing some research and have determined that the Rachio app will only show the red text about there being no precipitation data if the weather station has specifically stated that they don’t report precipitation data.

If the station hasn’t specified that, but continues to report 0 inches per hour, there won’t be any red text to indicate that.

I’ve documented your feedback on how you want there to be more information to indicate that sort of situation. While I can’t say for sure what changes may be made to the app, you can be sure that we take all feedback into consideration. If you have any questions, please let me know.


Ben W

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