No zones working, app and lights look fine

I have tried everything I read here and my system shows that everything is working fine but no sprinklers are coming up not working. I have tried everything from New set up to bleeding the lines. I have a rain sensor Any suggestions?

@Rscarcella73 -

First suggestion is to start a new thread as this one is marked solved and may not get as many eyes on it.

Second suggestion is to provide a little more information such as:
Gen 1/2 or 3,
Master valve in the system,
If a master valve is in the system, is it configured in the app,
Is the rain sensor in line to the common wire, or wired to the Sensor port,
Pictures of wiring - before (if it was working) and/or after - pictures are worth a thousand words,
Has it been raining at this location (e.g. wet rain sensor),
When the lines were bled (I assume by opening the bleed screw on the valve) did water come out of the appropriate sprinkler heads.
Has resistivity been measured between the the common wire and a zone wire using an ohm meter.