No zones will activate

I have a gen1 Rachio that has been working fine up until now. I recently relocated the unit from inside the garage to the outside in a weather proof box. I drilled through the brick and ran all the wires and electrical outside. The Unit appears to working correctly. It powers up and connects to Wifi. When I activate a zone, Rachio thinks it was successful. All wires appear to be intact. Also a note, we had some plumbing work done during this period also. Do not know if there is a wire cut or the unit itself has an issue. Is there a way for support to check my device logs to help determine the issue?


Without knowing the extent of the plumbing work done is there any chance that they shut the supply to the sprinkler feed off or shut any of the valves on the back flow preventer while doing the work and didn’t open them back up?

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I know they did add a pressure regulator near the meter water main. I will contact the plumber to find out exactly what they did.

@vanceprice - go to a valve box for one of the sprinkler zones and manually turn on the solenoid. If the zone waters then the question @JasonM asked will be answered.

I talked to the plumber. They only shut off the water at the meter and installed the pressure regulator next to the meter. They did some internal plumbing, but said they did no other digging outside of the house.
I will try manually turning on one of the valves after I get off work today.

@vanceprice Thanks for reaching out! Did you have any luck testing the valves by hand yet?

It looks like a plumber issue. I get no water from the zones when I manually turn on the valves by hand. I will call them out tomorrow to take a look.

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Sounds good. The only other thing I could recommend is to check to see if they turned off the main water shutoff valve to the sprinkler system. If they did, all you would need to do is open that valve back up. Good luck!

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Ok, so I went to inspect the new box where they put the pressure regulator and found that they had indeed installed a valve for the sprinkler system.
We didn’t have one previously that I know of. I believe it was just branched off from the main line to the house.
I turned it on and sure enough the sprinklers work now.

Thanks for your help!


Awesome! Glad it was such an easy fix. Let us know if you have any issues in the future.