No wifi light


I got an email informing me that my gen 1 unit was offline. I tried to reset the connection, but the unit will not blink up at all. I’ve reset the router, and I’ve cycled the power on the unit. When I do recycle the power, I get no wifi light at all…no green, no Amber, no blinking, nothing. Is the unit toast? I’ve only had it a year


@Damianjoshua Sounds like either the unit or the power supply is toast, unless there’s a chance the outlet is the issue? Have you tested the outlet to ensure it is providing power? If so, I would recommend contacting our support team at with a photo of your serial number and they should be able to help more effectively!

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@Damianjoshua - there was a recent post with a similar issue. It turned out that the outlet was a GFI outlet that had tripped. Take a lamp, with a known good bulb, and plug it in the same outlet to check it out. Any recent lighting storms?


I thought maybe that was the case, but I get a power light when I plug the unit in. Only the wifi light won’t illuminate.


Hey @Damianjoshua-

When you say wifi light, which LED are you referring to? Check out this article for more details.

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@mckynzee - Damianjoushua has a Gen 1 Rachio device, not a Gen 2. Here are the light codes for the Gen 1:


:ok_woman: What would I do without you guys @DLane


The first light labeled “Power” stays constant green when plugged in. The second light labeled “wifi” does not light up, doesn’t blink, doesn’t do anything. I tried to reset the wifi, but the unit will not blink up


Hey @Damianjoshua-

Sounds like something is wrong with the unit. If you would contact our support team at (feel free to include this thread) and they will get you back up and running. Since it’s only been a year, you are still in warranty.

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Well, unfortunately, it was a year April 6th. Guess I’m out that $200


@Damianjoshua - I don’t think so. a) if you check the warranty page ( you’ll see that it is a two (2) year warranty

Subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein, RACHIO warrants that the Product will be free from material defect in materials and workmanship for a period of two (2) years from the date of purchase from RACHIO or an authorized dealer

And b) I’ve seen Rachio do right by their customers.

So like @mckynzee said, contact support, reference this string and I think they’ll take care of you.


@Damianjoshua Like @DLane said, you do have a 2 year warranty! Also, we do like to do right by our customers :slight_smile: They will get things resolved quickly!


I totally appreciate the help from both of you. I just assumed that the warranty was only a year. Two years is really uncommon, so kudos to Rachio! Thank you so much!


Anytime @Damianjoshua! We are just that confident in the product :wink: Looking forward to getting you back to watering.