No Weather Stations with precip data in Israel?


I just bought a Rachio v2 which I already love (but need to learn to trust).
It’s currently winter in Israel, I live in the center near Tel-Aviv (in a city called Hertzliya) and when trying to find a close by weather station I noticed that the number of WS on offer was very low, and none of them were collecting precipitation data.
In general the number of PWS stations seems quite low when comparing to weather underground for example.

Is there anything to do? Would it be possible to add additional WS from other sources?
Should I be worries about this affecting how well the device detects rain?



@arielgr - Rachio uses weather stations that report through PWSweather, CWOP and Aeris. If there are local personal weather stations that report reliable statistics (i.e. some will deviate over time due to non-maintenance) then one can use WUFYI.COM to port WUnderground reporting stations over to PWSweather and then select that station. No, you don’t have to own or control the weather station to forward the information from WUnderground to PWSweather - just be aware that there might not be notice for when the station goes down (temporarily or permanently) or if accuracy starts to deviate from reality.

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Cool! Thanks very much for the prompt response. Will give it a try.

@arielgr - search for WUFYI on the board and you’ll find lots of posts about it as it was developed and maintained by a forum member/customer. IMHO, use the beta site. Reach out to @Gene if you have questions or problems.


I followed your advise to port WU station over to PWSweather using and it was very simple and worked nicely.
Thanks very much to the developers and for the support here.

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@arielgr - All the work and credit for WUFYI goes to @Gene.

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