No Weather Skips

I love my Rachio, grass always green, water bill not too high, so I never really think about it. It does bug me, though, that when I look at the month history in the web UI, it says no weather skips no matter how far back I look. I have it tied to a station near my house.

Any ideas?


Flex daily schedule?


Flex Daily won’t show you weather skips. It’s a bummer we don’t see some sort of savings calculator but essentially there’s a chance it would be skipped every day based on rain, sunshine, etc. etc. so nothing is calculated.

Like @NCSuggs said, Flex daily is a fluid schedule and always adjusting based on weather, so it doesn’t “skip” in the traditional sense, it just “adjusts”.

Maybe they can call it something else “flex adjustment savings” - we need some bragging rights for our friends… no? Maybe a nice chart while they are at it.

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They could simply add up all the rain you’ve received, and compare it to the watering amount, and calculate a “savings” from that. Technically, it is. But claiming 100% water savings during a rainy week or month is sure to elicit comments that it isn’t really a true savings.

I know last December the Rachio didn’t water my grass at all. I’m in central California. It wasn’t hot, rained some and that seemed to be enough.

Right, it would be simple for them to add and in their best interest. It’s hard to compare water bills with neighbors due to so many variables, but if I could show them how much I saved, these guys would run out and buy one.

Another thing, being on septic / drainfield it is good to be able to prove that Rachio didn’t “blow out” the drainfield. Many installers will not allow sprinklers- ones that do say ok but if you and it causes the issue…
if I could generate a report with total’s that would be very helpful.