No watering in 2 months

We have a 12 station F5F866 sprinkler system which has been working fine, but after returning home from a 2 mo vacation we discovered it did not water at all from Aug 14 to now. I can’t see anything wrong with the setup and the history doesn’t show any disabling events. I suppose it appears as if the active watering schedule is disabled or perhaps standby mode. I’m wondering how to find out what went wrong. I’ll know more tomorrow is it runs on schedule.
Any suggestions?

Thanks, Brad

If the unit was disabled or on standby, that would show on your screen from the app. Take a look at the history section and it will let you know from the controller end.

In the event that all is good from that end, I would check the wiring to make sure that your common wire did not come loose and then check to make sure that the supply valve did not get shut off by accident.

Do you have a rain sensor that could have become stuck?

Thanks for the quick reply. When I opened the app it didn’t show that the schedule was disabled or on standby. Nor does it show that in my history, but its rather hard to find. After opening the app yesterday, it is now watering again today on schedule so its not wiring or sensors. So for now its fixed but a mystery but I’d like to understand what happened so it doesn’t happen again.