No Water From Zones After Install

Installed Rachio 3 this evening. Upgrading from a Hunter X-Core controller.

X-Core had been working without issue since we moved in 2 years ago.

When disassembling X-Core, I noticed that there were 4 additional wires that are not connected to any zones/other connections. The layout is really straight forward. 3 zones and the white common wire.

Replicated the setup on the Rachio 3 controller, and all 3 zones are unresponsive. No water coming from any zones.

With an install this simple, I’m just not really sure what I could have screwed up. Any insights would be really appreciated!!!

Can you confirm you can manually run the zone, at the valves? This would troubleshoot a water supply issue.

My first thought is maybe you didn’t hook up a master valve, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. When you do a manual run, does the light bar change to one pixel above the zone number that’s running?

Thank for the reply! I will try to give this a look this evening. Valves were working with the old controller, same day as I swapped it for the rachio 3.

Thanks for the reply, Brody. Yes, when operating from the machine, I get a single blue light above the zone that I activated.

The more I think about it, you could have a broken comm wire. At the controller, use an ohm meter and put one probe on the comm wire, and the other probe on one of the zone wires, do this for each zones, If you get between 20-60 ohms, it’s not the comm wire. Look on YouTube if you need more help with the ohm meter.

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I know, but sometimes when we get excited for new toys, we forgot the most simple things. It is the easiest to troubleshoot. From there, go to suggestion that @Brody said. If all valves aren’t working, it usually points to a bad common, somehow, somewhere…

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. . . and if you only touched the wires at the controller, it would seem to me the problem would be at or near the controller. It could even be a poor (or no) common connection at the Rachio.

So, after some continued trouble shooting and a support call with Rachio… the controller was defective. I guess I’m not crazy after all. Picked up a replacement and the system worked immediately after install.

I appreciate all the helpful responses!